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Planning and Assessment

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The School of Information engages in data-driven planning and assessment. This work includes annual Operational Action Planning which looks to ensure that School goals are addressed, as well as long-term (5-year) Strategic Planning. From this webpage, you can find detailed information about this work.

Annual Assessment and Operational Action Planning

Each year at its annual retreat, the School of Information evaluates the extent to which its goals are being addressed through using a series of targets and creates an action plan to ensure goals are addressed. 

You can find details in the Annual Assessment Reports and Operational Action Plans below:

Long-term Strategic Planning 

The School of Information Strategic Plan 2019-2024 operationalizes the Institute’s Strategic Plan for the school. The plan was developed in fall 2018, fall 2019, received SI community feedback in October–December 2019, was updated to make use of feedback, and was recommended by the SI Faculty Council and approved by the SI Dean on December 5, 2019. You can view the plan and its progress on Google Docs.

Space & Technology Planning

Each year, space and technology needs and requirements are collected and reviewed by a subcommittee of the Faculty Council, the Space and Technology Committee, which produces a plan for making space and technology improvements.  You can find the most recent plans below: