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Vision, Mission, and Goals

Pratt Manhattan Center

Our Vision

We reimagine information and technology to design more equitable, resilient and diverse futures.

Our Mission

Through teaching, research, and professional practice, we connect information and technology with art, culture, and design. We engage in critical inquiry to encourage new ways of thinking, challenge the boundaries of our fields, and promote civic engagement. Our school educates and fosters collaborative, creative, and socially responsible professionals who contribute to building a more inclusive and just global society.

School-wide Goals

  1. To offer a current, forward-looking, and critically-engaged curriculum that supports academic inquiry and student learning.
  2. To prepare students for a variety of careers in the information field through a range of graduate-level educational programs that challenge students creatively, critically, and ethically.
  3. To sustain excellence in teaching using and developing contemporary pedagogical methods.
  4. To enrich the student experience through experiential and project-based learning, international study, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and one-on-one mentoring and advisement.
  5. To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion and support community wellness initiatives.
  6. To recruit and retain talented students and support their civic engagement, collaborative skills, and career goals. 
  7. To cultivate and support faculty members who engage in high-quality research, participate in scholarly activities, and/or advance their field of practice.
  8. To support faculty and student service to the School, Institute, and information field(s).
  9. To pursue internal and external opportunities for innovation in research, teaching, and/or learning.
  10. To promote sustainability throughout the school and Institute
  11. To provide excellent facilities and resources that support our mission.
  12. To practice leadership and administrative effectiveness through transparency and openness in our planning, decision-making, and communications.

Recommended by the School of Information (SI) Faculty Council and approved by the SI Dean on January 25, 2024. Effective July 1, 2024.