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Communications and Marketing

We are a cohesive team of creative and strategic thinkers who build Pratt’s brand and reputation through compelling stories, imagery, and branded materials. As Pratt’s in-house communications and marketing team, we collaborate with our campus colleagues, serving as strategic partners and guides to ensure that they achieve their institutional goals.

Our team manages and oversees many of the Institute’s communications and marketing areas. Our responsibilities include:

  • creative services,
  • digital news and content development,
  • media relations,
  • web and digital communications,
  • marketing and communications strategy,
  • social media, photo and video initiatives, and more.

We are eager to partner with our colleagues to promote their students and programs, to co-own the Institute’s brand with us, and to develop effective new communications channels together.

Pratt’s Visual Identity System

mockup of logos on business cards, in different colors

Pratt’s flexible visual identity system reflects our diverse and multifaceted community. We’ve provided a collection of versatile resources—logos, colors, typefaces, and more—to help you create distinctive yet consistent communications that are uniquely Pratt. 

Photography and Videography

We offer photo and video management services, creating high quality marketing and communications materials that reflect the Pratt brand for clients across the Institute. Our services include researching existing imagery and managing the coordination and creation of new photography and videography. Please complete the Identity Resources Request form (choosing the “Photography or Video Content” option) to tell us about your project.

Pratt Communications and Marketing Staff

  1. James Kempster

    Vice President for Communications and Marketing

  2. Serena Thomas

    Director of Operations

  3. Seriah Sargenton

    Administrative Assistant

Creative Services

  1. David Frisco

    Executive Director of Creative Services

  2. Jana Flynn

    Assistant Creative Director

  3. Marcela Albuquerque

    Graphic Designer

  4. Nir Bitton

    Senior Graphic Designer

  5. Yeji Kim

    Graphic Designer

  6. Robert McConnell

    Senior Graphic Designer

  7. Tim Atakora

    Video and Photo Production Manager

  8. Dahlia Dandashi

    Photographer/Photo Editor

  9. Max Berger

    Video Shooter & Editor

Client Services

  1. Erica Dagley Galea

    Associate Director of Communications Management

  2. Stephanie Greenberg

    Associate Director of Project Management

  3. Sahara Henley

    Project Manager

  4. Christopher Keating

    Print and Digital Production Manager

  5. Charlotte Savidge

    Director of Development Communications

Web and Digital Communications

  1. Alex Weiss Hills

    Director of Digital Communications

  2. Laura Banas

    Asst Director of Digital Comms

  3. Albert Johnson

    Digital Production Coordinator


  1. Jean Hartig

    Director of Editorial, Prattfolio

  2. Nikolas Slackman

    Assistant Editor, Prattfolio

Public and Media Relations

  1. Jolene Travis

    Assistant Vice President for Communications

  2. Amanda Blancato

    Assoc Director of External Communications & Media Relations

  3. Julianna Dow

    Social Media Coordinator

  4. Nicole Barnes

    Project Manager, PR & Editorial Communications

Editorial Communications

  1. Marion Hammon

    Director of Editorial Communications

  2. Brandhi Williamson

    Senior Editorial Manager

  3. Brett Reynolds

    Senior Digital Marketing and Insights Specialist

  4. Joe McCarthy

    Writer, Civic Engagement

  5. Kate Silzer

    Staff Writer

General Inquiries and Requests

Members of the press and media relations

Story, news and editorial content development

Creative services, design, visual identity, video, and photography

Social media

Website content and development

Commercial photography or filming on campus
Antoinette Perry, Director of Risk Management
Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration

Event videography, live streaming, and academic recording
Dan Lawson
Office of Public Programs


Myrtle Hall
536 Myrtle Avenue, Third Floor East
Brooklyn, New York 11205

Mailing Address

Pratt Communications and Marketing
200 Willoughby Avenue, Myrtle Hall
Brooklyn, New York 11205