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Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel provides in-house legal services, representation, and advice to Pratt Institute, including all its schools, departments, and administrative offices, on an array of legal matters, and serves as liaison with and manages the engagement of outside legal counsel as necessary. Legal Counsel is the primary representative on all matters having any legal significance for the Institute. Members of the Pratt community are encouraged to contact Legal Counsel early on in any situation in which legal issues are implicated or are likely to arise, so as to enable the optimal response and representation of the Institute, its students, employees, and officers. Any legal complaints, lawsuits, subpoenas, or other legal notices or documents involving the Institute should be forwarded to Legal Counsel immediately.

Legal Counsel works in conjunction with Human Resources on all legal issues related to employment, including diversity and equal employment opportunity, labor relations, and immigration.

Other common functions of Legal Counsel include the following:

  • Review and approval of all contracts, leases and other documents binding the Institute
  • Representation of the Institute at local, state and federal agencies
  • Coordinating response to lawsuits, administrative complaints, and investigations
  • Review and approval of Institute policies and procedures
  • Anticipate and resolution of potential legal issues
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance of all Institute actions and operations, including Title IX and related statutes and regulations with regard to students and employees
  • Provide counsel and advice to Pratt representatives in internal investigations

Legal Counsel strives to provide prompt and reliable legal advice, guidance and support to Institute representatives in support of its mission and educational goals and objectives, protect the interests of the Institute and its students, faculty and staff, minimize liability and risk, and ensure the integrity of its operations.

Those impacted by possible incidents of discrimination, harassment based on a protected group, or sexual misconduct are encouraged to report to the Office of Institutional Equity & Title IX. Please contact the office directly at

Brooklyn Campus, Main Building, 1st Floor
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11205
Phone: 718.636.3784
Fax: 718.636.3785

Thomas G. Greene
Director of Legal Affairs 

Jeanz Holt
Assistant Director of Legal Affairs