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School Of Information

The School of Information looks for better ways to approach the digital experience, empowering youth in the digital age, and designing even with bees in mind.

Leanne Bowler
School of Information, Library and Information Science
Seed Grantee 2019-2020

Young people are growing up in a data-driven world, interacting with data on a daily basis and in myriad ways. But is data a tool for their control or their empowerment?

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Nancy Smith
School of Information, Information Experience Design
Seed Grantee 2019-2020

Smart Hives: Designing for Native Bees is design specific for native, solitary bees, which are some of our most important pollinators. Exploring well-being among animals, this project suggests ways to imagine beyond domestic honeybees when developing technologies to support ecosystems and pollinators.

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Craig MacDonald and Elena Villaespesa
School of Information

A faculty-led, student-driven User Experience (UX) design, research, and strategy consultancy and academic research lab within the School of Information (SI).

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