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Emancipatory Urban Futures

Research Open House 2020

Iyapo Repository*, Daniel Wright, Caitlin Cahill
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Math and Science

Emancipatory Urban Futures is a STEAMPlant Initiative project at the intersection of art, technology, and research aimed at envisioning a more inclusive and just city for the next generation. By identifying challenges faced by community members and speculating solutions to these challenges, we hope to build futures that are self-determined and community-driven. Participatory workshops involving virtual reality sketching, game-playing, and discussion groups will help to envision the future that you/we are working toward, one of collective well-being and firmly rooted in community.

*Iyapo Repository: Ayodamola Okunseinde, Salome Asega, Mala Kumar, Mariama Jalloh