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Research Open House 2020

Meta Brunzema
Eniko Marton, Visiting Assistant Professor
Khue Trinh, MArch ’20
Justin Heu, MArch ’20
Allison Barker, MArch ’20
Aline Theodokaris, MArch ’20
School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

In dense and growing cities like New York, meaningful community participation in planning and urban design projects is essential to further equitable and sustainable development. Our team is co-developing a set of interactive digital tools—WE_GENERATE (beta)—that democratize neighborhood planning in Chinatown by empowering citizens to visualize and shape complex urban projects, analyze trade-offs in real-time, and make persuasive data-backed choices that further resilience, preservation, and urban justice. These user-friendly digital tools will actively engage local constituents in the planning process to ensure that their priorities are reflected in a proposed Special District for the Chinatown Waterfront.

*Good Old Lower East Side Inc (GOLES)

*Taconic Foundation and Pratt Center for Community Development

*New York State Health Foundation