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Research Open House 2020

Rachel Hines, Marta Kostrzewa, Phillip Hunter (P.H.) Lawson, Suparkan (Pink) Niruktisart, and Carmen Noguera, MPS Arts and Cultural Management ’19
Chris Shrum, Professor, Design Management
Mary McBride, Chair of Design Management
School of Art

This work was commissioned by the Graduate Student Engagement Fund of Pratt Institute

Fusión is a capstone project that defines and explores the role that cultural resilience plays in the US-Mexico border at San Diego | Tijuana. Through comparative case analyses of key arts and cultural initiatives in the region, this study proposes that cultural resilience fosters sustainable community development in a time of change. The intention is to develop a cultural resilience framework so that community leaders in broader contexts can design initiatives with this frame of reference as a means of future scholarship.

Fusión can be reached for further information at

*James Brown, John Fanestil, Maria Teresa Fernandez, Dan Watman, Friendship Park

*Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman, University of California, San Diego

*Anthony Graham, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

*Norma Iglesias-Prieto, PhD, San Diego State University

*David Peguero, Growth Hax