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Office Of The Provost/Foundation

Home to the Office of Research & Strategic Partnerships, the Office of the Provost also oversees Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI), the Pratt Center for Community Development, the Consortium for Research and Robotics, and Center for Sustainable Design Strategies (CSDS), in addition to Foundation, programming for our first-year students, and the Center for Teaching and Learning, a resource for our Pratt faculty.

Mark Parsons, Executive Director
Consortium for Research& Robotics (CRR), Provost Center

The Consortium for Research & Robotics engages communities that benefit from access to extraordinary technology for research, including NYC’s largest industrial robot.

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Judit Török, Provost Office, Center for Teaching and Learning
Office of the Provost

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) is a systematic inquiry into student learning and teaching practices. It advances the practice of teaching in higher education through rigorous research strategies to disseminate the findings publicly and broadly.

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James Lipovac
Seed Grantee 2019-2020

Baku Biennial Installation explored notions of how histories and cultures are created, and this interdisciplinary installation was conceived as a fictitious entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Adam Friedman, Executive Director
Provost Center

An initiative of the Pratt Center for Community Development, Made in NYC supports NYC’s diverse community of manufacturers by providing resources companies and entrepreneurs need to create jobs, foster entrepreneurial innovation, catalyze local markets, tap into local suppliers and contractors, and cultivate new markets and consumers.

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Carolyn Shafer
Center for Sustainable Design Strategies (CSDS), Provost Center

Pratt Institute Sustainability Timeline: Looking Back | Moving Forward is a graphical representation of the past 20 years of key sustainability initiatives at Pratt Institute and was coordinated by the Center for Sustainable Design Strategies, the Sustainability Coalition, the Pratt Sustainability Committee and the Departmental Sustainability Coordinators.

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Case Wyse and Can Sucuoglu
Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI), Provost Center

Toxicity Map, also known as the NBN ELI (Environmental Legacy & Improvements) Map, is a tool for learning about and collaborating on environmental hazards in Greenpoint & Williamsburg. Data used to compile this map came from city, state, and federal sources, guided by on-the-ground knowledge from local activists.

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Can Sucuoglu
Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI), Provost Center

Who Takes Care of New York? is an exploration of the variety of civic groups that exist and thrive in New York City, and the ways that they care for and support their local environments. Displayed through maps, art, and storytelling, this exhibition aims to empower visitors with an understanding of their capacity to make lasting change and impact in their own neighborhoods.

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