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3D printed birdseye rendering of a topographical landscape speckled with green, brown, and purple

Moving through this transformational time, how we engage with the world is significant to how the future takes shape. At Pratt, our students, faculty, and graduates are taking up the charge with agency and optimism, speaking into complex narratives, giving voice to the experience of the moment, and facing challenges with critical reflection and care to move conversations forward here in New York City and around the globe.

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Installation in gallery corner washed in purple and pink light, with furry shapes and figures projecting off the walls


A network of paper flowers pulses on a wall and ethereal sounds hover in the air, issuing forth as you lift lids from tall clay…
Digitally rendered blocky topographical landscape with statue in teal dress and boots on hilltop looking out at a blue sky with wispy clouds

Start Here

How are Pratt people imagining and making the future, as contributors to society and agents of change? How is their work grappling with issues of…
Nasreem Alkhateeb sitting inside the cabin of a zero gravity planes,. A person holds a microphone while another films two subjects.

Prism of Perspective

In moments of cultural change, when the hard work of shifting perspectives is essential to benevolent forms of human evolution, leaders who have long prepared…
Room with shelves and surfaces covered with jars, sculptures, and other small items

Practice: A Visit to Swale Lab with Artist Mary Mattingly

On a sundrenched Saturday in July, the windows and doors of Building 11 at Governors Island’s Nolan Park were flung open, rooms humming with activity.…

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