How are Pratt people imagining and making the future, as contributors to society and agents of change? How is their work grappling with issues of social and environmental justice, looking toward a world that allows more beings to thrive, more sustainably? How is their work probing dominant narratives and dismantling paradigms that no longer serve or even cause harm, conversing with history in order to author new chapters of our collective story? 

In these pages, Prattfolio highlights just some of the future-related projects and proposals that Pratt faculty, students, and alumni are bringing into the present, laying seeds for tomorrow to come to fruition in ways that channel human ingenuity to benefit communities, all species, and the world for generations to come. The questions that follow offer gateways to what could be next.

How can wind power reshape the NYC waterfront for sustainability and access?

How can virtual spaces make art more accessible?

How can nature help us shape the future of materials? 

How can language create a new framework for teaching and learning?

What is the power of speculative work? 

Can a memorial change our collective story? 

How are artists thinking differently about life beyond Earth?

How can art help us reenvision community relationships?

Where does utopia already exist?