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Pratt faculty, students, and alumni are thinking, researching, and creating toward a transformed world

Faculty Books of 2022

This year, publishers released more than 30 diverse, innovative works of creativity, scholarship, and research authored, edited, and featuring contributions by Pratt Institute faculty. Artists…
Room with shelves and surfaces covered with jars, sculptures, and other small items

Practice: From Swale Lab on Governors Island, with Mary Mattingly, Fine Arts Civic Engagement Fellow

On a sundrenched Saturday in July, the windows and doors of Building 11 at Governors Island’s Nolan Park were flung open, rooms humming with activity.…
Opening page of Cheryl D. Miller’s article Black Designers: Missing in Action with title set in bold to the left of two columns of text

Perspective: With Cheryl D. Miller, MS Communications Design ’85

“Cheryl D. Miller, president of Cheryl D. Miller Design, had no idea that her 1987 Print magazine article, ‘Black Designers: Missing in Action,’ would catapult…
Nasreem Alkhateeb sitting inside the cabin of a zero gravity planes,. A person holds a microphone while another films two subjects.

Prism of Perspective

In moments of cultural change, when the hard work of shifting perspectives is essential to benevolent forms of human evolution, leaders who have long prepared…
Grid of six petri dishes holding different filmy materials flecked with seeds, leaves, and yellow and purple pigment

Crit: Pits, Peels, and Packaging

Two decades ago, the influential design text Cradle to Cradle asked how we as a species could leave a footprint “to delight in, not lament,”…
Translucent black squares with white inscription suspended from a gallery ceiling

Class Notes

Prattfolio Class Notes highlights Pratt alumni news and updates on work and life. Read on for the Fall 2022 issue’s dispatches, and see below for…

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