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“Reflecting on the tremendous work of our alumni across generations, I think about the rich network our students are a part of from the day they step into their first class or studio. Along with our phenomenal faculty and their student colleagues across disciplines, they connect with a world of fellow makers, thinkers, and vanguards who have built their foundations at Pratt.”

Read more from Pratt President Frances Bronet’s letter in the Mentorship issue of Prattfolio.

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The Connections That Shape Us

“You are net weaving.” This is how Analia Segal, adjunct professor (CCE) of fine arts, describes building relationships as a student and beyond, in a…
President Frances Bronet sitting at a table with five students, all smiling

The Paths We Create Together

Mentorship, I will admit, was not something I sought out when I started my journey as a university student or as an architect or educator.…
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TMBG’s John Flansburgh ’84 Is Still Unlocking the Mysteries of Creativity

John Flansburgh, BFA Fine Arts (Printmaking) ’84, and his longtime collaborator John Linnell never put a limit on their creative vision. As the songwriters behind…
A sculpture of numerous white analog televisions on stands in front of a window showing New York City.

For Taezoo Park, MFA Digital Arts ’12, the City Is His Circuit Board

Long before there were stores like Best Buy and RadioShack, if New Yorkers wanted to buy electronics, they would go to Radio Row, a 13-block…

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