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As conditions have shifted throughout 2020, the world has been challenged to adapt. And Pratt’s designers, artists, scholars, educators, and visionaries have responded how they do best: with agency, action, and innovation. It’s that brilliant, resilient spirit that we have been drawing on at Prattfolio, the magazine of Pratt Institute, as we too have been called to rethink and reinvent. The Fall/Winter 2020 issue, focused on adaptation, transition, and response to change, challenges, and uncertainty, is coming to you fully digital.

We hope you enjoy the issue, and as we move through this year of transformation, look forward to uncovering new Pratt work, stories, and voices, along with vibrant ways to illuminate them in all the formats available to us.

—Jean Hartig, Senior Editor, Prattfolio

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26 Ways of Looking at Pratt

In this year of change, many things that link us remain constant, though aspects of them may have adapted or evolved. Prattfolio takes an A-to-Z…
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Home Now

When campus closed last spring, and the city shortly after, these Pratt photography students were in the midst of assembling their sophomore and junior surveys.…
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Faculty Books of 2020

Explore the work of Pratt’s faculty members across a variety of disciplines, where they discover new critical perspectives, present new historical narratives, produce new visual…
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Inside ComD Professor Ari Melenciano’s Research and Design Haven

For the Fall/Winter 2020 digital issue of the magazine, produced during this time of physical distancing, Prattfolio collaborated with faculty members on virtual tours of…

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