Graduate Architecture Students in snow Mission Statement

The Facilities Management program prepares students to assume leadership roles in managing an organization’s built environment, either as internal employees or as external service providers and consultants. The program equips students with the competencies to effectively manage a facility throughout its life cycle: They can direct planning, design, and construction activities and ensure that they meet the corporate needs for operations, maintenance, and services functions. They promote that the organization’s concern for a fiscal and social responsibility and environment sustainable practices as reflected in how the organization’s facility assets are operated, maintained, and serviced. The program draws resources from NYC’s vibrant real estate environment: with exposure to innovative approaches to emerging technologies, risk management, business continuity planning, industry case studies, sustainable practices, cost effective management, and best practices. Pratt’s curriculum gives graduates a unique perspective as they lead the efforts to advance the quality of the built environment.

The Facilities Management program within the School of Architecture at Pratt Institute seeks to provide the strategic and managerial context that is needed for professionals to effectively plan, finance, design, build, and operate an organization’s physical assets.  

STEM designation for CM/FM 04.0902 Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology.

Learning Objectives

The Master of Science program in Facilities Management, accredited by the International Facility Management Association Foundation, is committed to preparing its graduates to be professionals and problem-solvers that can assume executive responsibilities in the management of an organization's built environment. Graduates will appreciate the broadness of facilities management and develop an interest to continuously expand their knowledge.

Graduates of the Facilities Management Master Program will: 

  • Be able to design an effective Facilities Management function
  • Possess the technical skills needed to be effective in FM
  • Possess the managerial skills to be effective in complex environments
  • Understand the concept of Excellence
  • Possess a passion for lifelong learning

Pratt's Master of Science in Facilities Management degree program is accredited by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). The degree requires the completion of 45 credits of course work and a 5-credit Demonstration of Professional Competence for a total of 50 credits.

As part of the School of Architecture, students have the opportunity for enriched study by taking courses in the related graduate programs in the Real Estate Practice Program and in the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (GCPE) to include courses in real estate development, planning, sustainability and preservation.

The core courses include 33 credits of lecture and seminar courses in Facilities Management and 12 credits of electives. Elective courses are available through the graduate programs in the PSPD, as well as in Architecture, Construction Management, and Interior Design. Students entering the program with prior professional experience or graduate work in related fields may be eligible for up to 12 credits of advanced standing.

  • Sustainability - Electives can be taken in GCPE programs to provide depth as to a variety of sustainability practices: LEED certification, green roofs, energy conservation, alternative energy sources, construction innovation, and more.
  • Historic Preservation - Electives can be taken in GCPE programs to provide extra knowledge of architectural history, adaptive reuse, and landmark approvals.
  • Planning and development - Further real estate development expertise can be garnered through combination of Construction Management and other GCPE electives dealing with zoning, public approvals, market studies, adaptive reuse, real estate law, environmental law, historic preservation compliance, and more.
  • Work and research - The Facilities Management courses are offered in the evening at the Pratt Manhattan Center, affording students the maximum flexibility to combine work, study, and research.

Degree Requirements

Applicants should have a bachelor's degree in architecture, construction management, engineering, or interior design. Applicants in other fields are eligible but may be required to take non-credit courses in building technology unless they have acquired equivalent knowledge through non-academic experience. Applications will be accepted after the deadline if there is room. A statement of purpose in essay format (500 words) is required. The GRE or GMAT is optional; neither are required. Applications will be accepted after the deadline if there is room.


Facilities Management Requirements, 2018

  • Semester 1

    Complete these courses.

    FM-631 Principles of Facilities Management

    FM-663 Real Estate Development

    FM-633 Managerial Accounting and Finance

    FM-621 Computer Applications for Facilities

  • Semester 2

    Complete these courses plus 3 elective credits.

    FM-634 Facility Programming and Design

    FM-632 Project Management

    FM-636 Facility Maintenance and Operations

  • Semester 3

    Complete these courses.

    FM-731 Strategic Planning and Management

    FM-733 Economic Evaluation of Facilities

    FM-771 Legal Issues

    FM-735 Telecommunications: Concepts, Strategies

  • Semester 4

    Complete these courses plus 9 elective credits.

    FM-798 Demonstration of Professional Competency