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Industrial Design, BID

Undergraduate, BID
Industrial Design
School of Design


Pratt BID alumni are designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and corporate leaders. This diversity comes from a program of study that allows freedom to explore. In the freshman and sophomore years, students take core courses, which provide grounding in drawing, color, 3-D form, model making, and digital computer skills. At the same time, they take design studios that introduce them to critical thinking, problem solving, and environmental responsibility. A variety of studio options are open in the junior and senior years when students can take specialized studios that respond to their individual interests and skills, such as:

  • Product design
  • Furniture
  • Tabletop and food design
  • Shoes and athletic gear
  • Exhibition design
  • Interdisciplinary design

By the end of senior year, students complete a cap­stone studio, which follows students’ choice of subject and delineates the direction of their future careers. The capstone studio project is presented at the annual design show, a public event attended by industry leaders and potential employers.

The department offers study-abroad exchanges with a number of leading European design schools and a summer program in furniture making in Copenhagen through the Danish International School.

Plan of Study