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Critical Conversations

These ongoing events and resources are provided to create space for and educate one another about our multiple cultural contexts, activism, civil discourse, and academic engagement. Events will be updated regularly on the calendar and page

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Past Events


Cultural Highlights

Celebrate and honor the diversity and richness of human cultures at Pratt, through traditions, practices, values, beliefs, and customs, including heritage, religious, and spiritual holidays. 

Guidance for Public Gatherings (Demonstrations, Protests, Vigils)

Building on the existing guidance of Pratt’s Community Standards, Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, and other resources to help students, faculty, and staff gather safely and responsibly on Pratt’s campuses.

Student Organizations

Explore identity through clubs, organizations, athletics, recreation, and student employment opportunities.

Safety and Support Resources

Learn more about on-campus safety and support resources for students, faculty, and staff.