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The Center for Experimental Structures is unique within schools of architecture and design in the United States. You will participate in forms research through various academic and professional routes. The Undergraduate Architecture Department offers a minor/concentration in Morphology.
A 3D rendering of a structure that looks almost like a crown.
Faculty David Burke and Robinson Strong; Students Emerald Liang, Ivy Jiahui Yu.

As part of the Center for Experimental Structures, the Morphology Minor leverages the long history of our interest in form studies with a focus on exploring the relations between form and space (geometry, topology), form and force (structural morphology), and form and time (dynamic morphology) enabled by computation, fabrication, construction, and emerging technologies. Within this overview, different course offerings focus on any combination of these topics. Students can stay within one or move among these areas of study. Students interested in the Morphology Minor are encouraged to meet the coordinator, Professor Haresh Lalvani, to review the course offering. Students may apply to the minor in the first semester of their second year. The completion of the minor will be noted on the student’s transcript but will not be shown on his or her diploma.

Minor Coordinator
Haresh Lalvani

Two sets of two images of two different models. The top set is a bright, translucent red plastic looking object. It is L shaped. The second model is a translucent rose colored arch also made of connected pieces of plastic.
Faculty David Burke and Robinson Strong; Student Emily Guan.