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Michael Hollander Drawing Excellence Award

Michael Hollander (May 27, 1934–November 11, 2015), was an influential and distinguished professor of architecture at Pratt Institute for 40 years. Professor Hollander inspired generations of Bachelor of Architecture students in their designs, drawings and writings.

Founded and spearheaded by Professor Richard Sarrach in 2015, and supported by Dean Harriet Harriss, former Dean Thomas Hanrahan and Undergraduate Architecture Chair Erika Hinrichs, the Michael Hollander Drawing Excellence Award (MHDEA), has completed six years of evaluating and designating the best drawings from all five levels of our curriculum by a panel comprised of the members of the undergraduate architecture faculty. Professor Farzam Yazdanseta, Assistant Chairperson for Undergraduate Architecture, has organized, administered and curated the Michael Hollander Drawing Excellence Award since Fall 2017. Funding for this award has been made possible by Dean Harriet Harriss and generous contributions by members of the faculty and alumni.

Michael Hollander on the naming of the Award:

“. . . I am honored, of course— but for the acknowledgment of the significance of drawing implicit in the award:  that the representations involved are not just visualizations or depictions,  no matter how affecting, but rather conceptualizations of aspects of a building,  which carry information. And that, naturally, they become instruments both in design and analysis, at once powerful and extremely sensitive, in which even the slightest seemingly idiosyncratic indication may convey something essential. I am moved too that Pratt should choose to become an instigator in advancing this orientation. Yes, I would be extremely grateful that my name be affiliated within the prize. Thank you so much . . .” 

August 2015

If you would like to contribute to the Michael Hollander Drawing Excellence Award please visit Pratt Institute | Giving. Your generous contribution will support the annual prize given out to the recipients of the Michael Hollander Drawing Excellence Award.