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On these pages, you can get familiar with course deliverables that address a clearly defined challenge to a community posed by climate change. Students depended upon and executed a community engagement process from definition of the challenge to the deliverables, including co-creation of the curriculum.

Whenever possible, faculty encouraged a cross-disciplinary platform, including hosting extra-curricular activities that created space for the exchange of information between the Institute and our community partners. The work created a platform for students to actively shape their learning environment, mimicking and preparing them for real-world situations.


SES 840 Let The Water In: Strategies for a Resilient Edgemere, 2019



ARCH 400 Delta Cities Coastal Resilience Studio, 2017


ARCH 400 On-the-working-Waterfront, 2016
SES 840 On-the-working-Waterfront, 2016
The Courts of Sheepshead Bay: Community Recovery Community Repositioning Framework image
SES 480 Living with Water in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, 2016
ARCH 400 Living with Water in Red Hook, 2016



PLAN810_850 Waves of Change, 2014
SURF and TURF, 2014
ARCH 400 Common Ground, 2014
Arch 400 H.O.W.2 (House on Water 2) Amphibious Housing Development
Arch 400 H.O.W.2 (House on Water 2) Amphibious Housing Development, 2013


exhibition board from Lila Tedesco
ARCH 805 Cultivating Coney Island, 2013
Arch 400 Coney Island CYCLONE!, 2013
Prepared Ground image
Arch 400 Red Hook Rising, 2013
Stanton Boardwalk w/ vegetation
Arch 565 Community Based Engagement in Sheepshead Bay, 2013