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This architectural fundamentals course is taught by the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design faculty; and is geared toward professionals and students interested in attending graduate architecture school while also focusing on a toolkit for attendees to develop new professional skills.

Through a series of studio sessions, lectures, and technical workshops, the studio introduces students to a series of design approaches to conceptualize architectural investigations using the most current techniques in visualization and methods of remote fabrication. Students typically receive one-to-one technical instruction on digital modeling, drawing representation, rendering, CNC milling, 3D printing, laser cutting, and robotics.

The work will culminate in a design exhibition with invited Pratt faculty and documented in an individually developed portfolio that prepares students to apply for graduate architecture school.

Course Goals

  1. To become familiar with design methods and disciplinary discourses surrounding contemporary architecture
  2. To develop an understanding of how digital tools intersect with methods of inputting, transforming and outputting architecture
  3. To provide students with a studio culture focused on procedural-based tools, the iterative process of making and re- making, and precision in digital drawing and craft

Student Learning Objectives

  1. Students will develop an understanding of disciplinary methodologies and discourses surrounding architectural mediums
  2. Students will be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of contemporary fabrications techniques
  3. Students will demonstrate skills and techniques utilized for digital drawing and 3D digital modeling
  4. Students will be able to use various digital software and digital fabrication methods to explore new approaches to design


Olivia Vien

Adjunct Assistant Professor; K-12 Center Instructor


Hart Marlow

Adjunct Associate Professor – CCE


Course Schedule

Week 1

Figuration & Drawing – 2D to 2.5D

The first week introduces students to abstract matters of figuration and composition as a component of design.  Fundamentals in using digital software as well as learning basics of line drawing and fabrication skills will be at the core of this first exercise.  

Week 2

Textures & Graphics – 2D to 3D

The second week’s exercise concentrates on developing emergent qualities through the use of textures and graphics. Additionally, students are introduced to the principles of space and volume by employing design operations to transform abstract components into tangible volumetric forms.

Week 3

Object & Context – 2D to 3D

During Week 3, there is an emphasis on further evolving the proto-architectural object that was developed in the previous week. Additionally, students will delve into the notion of context, which involves exploring the interplay of 2D and 3D concepts, volume and space, and assembly, accomplished through both drawing exercises and the creation of a final model.

Week 4


The course culminates with a focus on the creation of a portfolio in which students design and curate the documentation of their ideas through various mediums such as photography, conventional and composite architectural drawing, and other visualization techniques.