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Pratt MLA is the newest and most forward-looking academic program in landscape architecture. Our mission is to advance land-based research at the cutting edge of climate and public change.


The program’s curriculum was designed in accordance with the following objectives:

1. To demonstrate the role of experiential learning in landscape architectural education

2. To promote an informed and sensitive response to effects of climate change

3. To provide ​culturally relevant pedagogy that addresses racial inequality 

4. To prepare students to challenge practice by evolving professional standards

5. To build upon Pratt Institute’s reputation of creative leadership 


The following are three core academic goals of the Pratt MLA program that center around our core values: 

  1. Embrace environmental change as a mandate of preparation to enter professional landscape architectural practice and its varied forms;
  2. Promote land-based and field-based learning to advance teaching excellence and experiential learning for our students;
  3. Create opportunities for collaboration that address the disproportionate impacts of climate change and articulate how those impacts are rooted historically.

Educational experiences

The program’s mission is to foster site-sensitive, land-based practices that advance the global movement for climate, environmental, and social justice is supported by a vibrant 25-acre campus in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood, as well as a Manhattan Campus, locations on Governors Island, and access to regional ecological preserves, archival resources, classrooms and the living collections at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Our faculty and students are practitioners, theorists, historians, botanists and ecologists who study landscape processes through experiential learning. We realize this goal by attracting faculty that are committed to applied and evidence-based design that can be tested and tried in the field. The educational experience of design school expands from a historically studio-based curriculum, to include field-based education.

Accreditation Status

Pratt MLA is currently seeking candidacy status for accreditation by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB), and is working closely with the organization to ensure the program is on track to achieve accreditation.

Estimated Program Costs

Please visit the institute’s Cost of Attendance page for up-to-date expense estimates for graduate programs at Pratt.