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Pratt’s Sustainable Environmental Systems program is a leader in innovative efforts to research, design, and implement Green Infrastructure in New York City. Managing stormwater runoff and water pollution in a sustainable and equitable way is one of the city’s major environmental challenges. Pratt is participating by constructing green infrastructure on campus by retrofitting the Cannoneer Court Parking Lot and installing a green roof on North Hall. The Sustainable Environmental System’s Green Infrastructure Design Build Studio provides students with the skills to design green infrastructure in a variety of settings. These initiatives, along with several ongoing faculty and student research projects, bring together students, faculty, alumni and professionals across the city to holistically tackle this pressing environmental issue.

For more information about Pratt’s Green Infrastructure initiatives, please contact:

Leonel Lima Ponce, Acting Academic Director
M.S. Sustainable Environmental Systems
Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development
Graduate School of Architecture, Pratt Institute