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Gain a critical understanding of historic preservation and build technical skills to research, analyze, interpret and conserve the many complex layers of place history.

Restoring masonry at Green-Wood Cemetery
Graduate, Advanced Certificate

*Starting Fall 2024

Offered by the Historic Preservation Master’s degree program, the Advanced Certificate in Historic Preservation is a 10-credit program providing intensive study of the theory and practice of heritage preservation. It is available to those pursuing a Pratt graduate degree in any discipline, as well as those interested in a stand-alone certificate. Heritage preservation is increasingly recognized as crucial to defining and nurturing the cultural identities, sense of place, and resilience of communities in cities, towns and rural areas. The certificate program provides the opportunity for students and professionals from any field to develop the skills and expertise needed to engage community stakeholders in a deep understanding of social, cultural, and architectural history. The program provides a critical understanding of the field of historic preservation and builds analytical and technical skills to research, analyze, and interpret the many complex layers of seen and unseen place histories. Students learn a variety of strategies for protecting historic and cultural resources from loss or neglect, and master the tools needed to repurpose them for community benefit.

All students take one required course (3 credits) that provides a foundation in the history, theory and key concepts of heritage preservation. Through their elective courses (7 credits) students may choose to focus on one of three career pathways:

1. Heritage research and interpretation
2. Historic material conservation
3. Community preservation planning

Students are not required to specialize and may instead elect to explore all three pathways. The certificate program is appropriate for professionals and current graduate students in a variety of fields, such as:

● Architecture
● Interior design
● Environmental design
● Urban planning
● Real estate practice
● Facilities management
● Museum and archival management
● History of Art and Architecture
● Humanities and social sciences

a group of students walk through a colonial era plaza
students connecting in a library room

We also offer a 47-credit Master’s degree program in Historic Preservation. For information on both the Advanced Certificate and MS program, contact: Vicki Weiner, Academic Director, MS in Historic Preservation,