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Bending the Rules is a series of student investigations generated in the course Arch 711A at Pratt Institute, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design. The seminar focused on the use of parametric design tools to model and simulate material behavior, specifically adaptive foldable structures. The design and conception of each project blended computational design tools as well as traditional techniques of paper folding. By utilizing these advanced computational design tools, it allowed for complex fold and cut patterns to be generated and simulated at large scales in order to predict real world behaviors. Both analog and digital models were created simultaneously to provide feedback and correction for one another. The exhibition is the final testing phase where each project is created at full scale. Issues such as material and machine tolerances, structure, full scale production, and assembly are confronted by each team.

Production Team:

Shayna Cooper, Matthew Dennis, Arielle Lapp, Sangshin Lee, Che Chung Lin, Huseyin Kezer, Dilan Ozkan, Milad Showkatbakhsh, Sharan Suresh, Christopher Testa, Hyeyong Wang, Chris Yu, Matiss Zemitis.


Bentley Systems
3A Composites
Pratt Institute, Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design