For most questions, email is the most successful mode of communication.

For meetings, please make an appointment via email to see the Chair or the Assistant Chair.

Have a question about how to find an office or class or contact a department on Campus? Ask Aston, the assistant to the Chair. Have a question best answered by a fellow student? Contact intshare, our email shared by the students working for the department.

Physical: Libraries and labs

The Pratt Library is located on the Brooklyn Campus, its resources are available online.

School of Design's Material Lab is located in the Engineering Building (lower level).

Center for Sustainable Design Studies serves as a physical and virtual hub for Pratt’s commitment to educate environmentally responsible citizens and is located in the Engineering Building (lower level).

The Electronic Design Studio Lab is on the second floor, Engineering Building, offering a wide array of computer services.

There are Macs and PC’s loaded with all the software required by your Pratt studies, printing and plotting services (print on paper, film, even fabric), 2-D and 3-D scanning and digital drawing tablets.

The Rapid Prototyping Lab contains laser cutters and blade cutters (cricket cutters). Also available: a CNC Milling Machine and 3-D printers. Note: the RP lab and 3-D print lab are Interior Design Department resources.

Physical: Shops

The ID Department Main Wood Shop is in Pratt Studios on the Fifth Floor is an amazing resource for Interior Design to use for model building. Equipment includes band and table saws, milling machines, drill presses, a spray booth and more. This wood shop is open to students that have passed a shop safety and certification course (available for a minimal fee of $100). This course is called IND-001 and one signs up for this course like any other course, via MyPratt. The Shop Orientation Manual has more information.

Professional: Organizations

Both the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and International Interior Design Association (IIDA) have student chapters in this department. These organizations represent excellent opportunities for professional networking, and opportunities for growth beyond the campus. Contact Pratt ASID and Pratt IIDA for more information.