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Minors allow students greater opportunity to add cross-disciplinary knowledge and competencies to their major program of study.
A model walks along a catwalk wearing a long, yellow dress. The bottom of the dress is somewhat translucent.
School and Department
School of Design,
Fashion Design

The Fashion Minor enables students pursuing any discipline to gain a working knowledge and skill set in the practice of fashion design, with particular attention to collection development, construction, and an understanding of situating one’s design of work in a larger sociopolitical and cultural context. Beyond the required core curriculum, minor students will be able to determine their own focus of further study within the medium by selecting six credits from a menu of electives.

Minor Coordinator
Tessa Maffucci

A model walks along a catwalk wearing a beige suit. The pant's right leg is cropped to the length of a short, while the left leg has a normal pant length. The suit's blazer is diagonally divided in beige and red.