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Architectural interior The B.F.A. in Interior Design is a challenging course of study for students preparing themselves for a career in a field with enormous possibilities and potential.

Interior Design at Pratt provides a scintillating learning environment—New York City, interior design capital of the United States. It is widely acknowledged that interior design education, as it is taught across the United States, began at Pratt. Our alumni have made significant contributions to the quality and character of our built environment for decades and it is certain that tomorrow's graduates will continue that trajectory into the future. Since 2008, the professional survey, DesignIntelligence, has ranked the undergraduate program number two in the country.

The interior design program is an architecturally oriented program with emphasis on spatial design as well as surface embellishment. All aspects of space—scale, proportion, configuration, and light source, as well as textures, materials, and color—are studied in relation to their effect on the human spirit. Students begin their interior design studies in the sophomore year, working in a stimulating studio setting where the learning is collective, cooperative, and competitive. Students work closely in small groups with their professor on projects that develop in size and complexity through the six semesters of design studio. The senior year culminates with a thesis project; students develop a body of research on a particular issue of the interior in the fall which they then develop as a design project in the spring.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many courses offered at Pratt that will enable them to fully develop their interests and talents. Studio electives may be chosen from any department in the Institute; an enormous menu of courses is available for the pursuit of individual interests. Interested students can apply to spend the spring term of the junior year at the Danish International School (DIS) studying interior architecture in Copenhagen. The program at DIS includes extensive study tours throughout Scandinavia.

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The interior design program leading to the BFA in Interior Design is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, www.accredit-id.org, 206 Grandville Avenue, Suite 350, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503.

The CIDA-accredited program prepares students for entry-level interior design practice, for advanced study, and to apply for membership in professional interior design organizations. The BFA in Interior Design granted by Pratt Institute meets the educational requirement for eligibility to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination (NCIDQ Exam). For more information about NCIDQ Exam eligibility visit: www.cidq.org/eligibility-requirements.


Pratt Institute, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Student Achievement Data

BFA Interior Design Class of 2019:

Job Placement:  94% of respondents who graduated between July 2018 and June 2019 (that responded to the post-graduation survey) were employed within 1 year of graduation.

Acceptance into Graduate Program:  6% of respondents (2 out of 33) who graduated between July 2018 and June 2019 and stated they applied to or were enrolling in additional education within 1 year of graduation. 

Graduation - Of the students that graduated between 7/1/18 and 6/30/19, 98% graduated in 4 years or less.  0% graduated in 5-6 years. 

Retention/Attrition - 96% retention/4% attrition for full-time first-time freshmen enrolled in Fall 18 and returning in Fall 19.  

Images: (above) Cameron Billinghurst; (inset) Jennifer Palomaa, Thesis SP14, The Mobile Hostel

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