Textile Minor Overview:

The Textile Minor will engage students of all disciplines in the ever-growing area of textiles. The courses offered provide a transdisciplinary opportunity for design, architecture, and fine art students to share ideas, knowledge and shared experiences through the study of Textiles. 

The Textile Minor provides students with a broad range of courses including knitting, weaving, fabric dyeing and printing to understand fabric composition and structure, and include advanced textile technologies and sustainable design practices for further exploration into specified areas of the textile design field. Armed with the knowledge gleaned from these courses, students of all disciplines will be able to apply principles and techniques of textile design and manipulation to their own creative practices.

Students will take six credits of core requirements and nine credits of textile-based electives (see menu) to complete the Textile Minor.

Textile Minor Academic Requirements:
FASD 313 Textile Color Lab 3 credits Required
FASD 396 Materials Manipulation 3 credits Required

Choose three of the following:
FASD 210 Fashion Studio: Design + Materiality 3 credits  
FASD 211 Knit Structures 3 credits  
FASD 315 Introduction to Weaving 3 credits  
FASD 365 Advanced Flatbed Knit + Crochet 3 credits (prerequisite: FASD 211)  
FASD 368 Experimental Surface Design 3 credits  
FASD 393 Responsible Design 3 credits (lecture)  
FASD 395 Fabric Silkscreen 3 credits  
PIC3 Interwoven: Textiles, Culture + Technology 3 credits  

Open to: Students of all undergraduate disciplines, sophomore and above

Advisor to Textile minor: Emily Mader, Assistant Chair of Fashion :emader@pratt.edu