The Fashion minor enables students pursuing any discipline to gain a working knowledge and skill set in the practice of fashion design, with particular attention to collection development, construction, and an understanding of situating one's design work in a larger sociopolitical and cultural context. Beyond the required core curriculum, minor students will be able to determine their own focus of further study within themedium by selecting six credits from a menu of electives. Students pursuing the Fashion minor will complete six credits of Drape + Construct to provide them with a strong working knowledge of silhouette, drape, and garment construction, which can be applied to further study in selected electives. Minor students will also complete three credits of Fashion Design (from a menu of three options); the minor coordinator will help determine students' appropriate placement in Fashion Design courses based on their skill level, competencies, and completed coursework within their major. Three credits of Contextualizing Fashion will help minor students understand the mechanisms that create meaning in and through fashion. Finally, six credits of studio electives will give students pursuing the Fashion minor an opportunity to create a focused pathway of study.

Minor Coordinator: Emily Mader,

Minor Curriculum

Fashion Design Minor, 2018