Mission Statement

At Pratt, we define fashion practice as cultural messaging through clothes. Students contextualize fashion within a social framework and through rigorous attention to production, craft, and contemporary aesthetics.

Learning Outcomes

1.Students exhibit fluency in 2D and 3D construction processes that are innovative in cut, shape and silhouette using diverse embodied approaches.

2.Students analyze and use properties and principles of materiality to make design decisions informed by sustainable practices.

3.Students communicate design philosophy with evidence of fashion history, theoretical underpinnings, and contemporary culture that addresses issues of justice, equity and social responsibility.

4.Students design, produce and present cohesive, contemporary and authentic collections that demonstrate their active engagement as collaborative leaders of the creative community.

  • Working with Care

    How Pratt Students and Faculty Are Creating in the Space of Compassion

  • Pratt Alumna Margaret Burton Is on a Mission to End Fashion Waste

    From the pages of Prattfolio, this article is part of a series highlighting the problem-solving process in the real world, from the perspective of alumni in the field. The Spring/Summer 2020 issue features the work of designer Margaret Burton, BFA Fashion Design ’16, who is working to end fashion waste, with a practice of creating new forms for existing garments, in a style she calls “deconstructed tailored streetwear.”

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