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Cody Leung, Thesis SP14, Urban Interior

Located within the ultimate learning environment of New York City—the interior design capital of the United States—we present an inspiring and challenging course of study for approximately 370 Undergraduate and Graduate students. The Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design is a terminal degree, that prepares students for a diverse set of careers in both professional and academic fields.

Students studying interior design at Pratt become leaders in the profession. Our alumni have made significant contributions to the quality and character of the built environment; it is certain that tomorrow's graduates will continue that trajectory into the future. 

Over the last decade, Design Intelligence has consistently ranked our undergraduate and graduate programs in the top three in the country. This year our undergraduate program ranked number two and our graduate program number one. We are proud of our innovative and focused curricula that promotes inter-and trans-disciplinary studies, and our forward-thinking faculty and students.

Our dedicated educational community encourages deep philosophical and theoretical explorations to produce varied aesthetic expressions, while considering ethical responsibility and practical applications in line with professional standards. Our internationally diverse students learn to research and critically question and analyze many contexts in order to design for a diverse group of people. With a firm commitment to social and environmental responsibility, the Interior Design Department strives to develop professionals who effectively contribute to the enhancement of the human environment by considering function, health, safety, and welfare. Each student receives a carefully crafted education from a diverse and experienced faculty. We hope you will join us.

Images: (above) Li Chen; (inset) Cody Leung, Thesis SP14, Urban Interior


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