Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students

When is the application deadline?

January 5 is the admission deadline for admission into Pratt for the fall of that same year. The next application deadline is Saturday, January 5, 2019. Those admitted in that application pool will start the program in August 2019. The Masters in Industrial Design does not offer spring entry.

Is the GRE required to apply?

No, but if you did well on the GRE, feel free to submit your scores.

Is the TOEFL required for international applicants? What is the minimum score?

The TOEFL is required for international applicants whose undergraduate degree program was not conducted in English. The minimum TOEFL score required is 85, the minimum IELTS score is 6.5, and the minimum PTE is 57. Please disregard the current catalog. The required scores listed here are the accurate score requirements for students applying for Fall 2019 and beyond.

What do I need to do to prepare my portfolio to apply?

The portfolio is just one part of the application. Your work experience and extracurricular activities are also important to highlight elsewhere in your application - especially where you show leadership ability, travel, other interests and generally your personal character. We also look carefully at the written statement of intent, focusing on your interests and passions, why you want to come to Pratt, and how you feel you can contribute to other students’ experiences here. Make your statement echo and compliment your portfolio, resume, references, etc. 

Below are some links that maybe a helpful start, but remember we are interested in smart, creative individuals so some rules may need breaking to get your story across effectively.  

Do I need to have an industrial or product design background to apply?

The M.I.D program welcomes students without previous professional training in industrial design. Students come from the fields of art, architecture, or interior design, and often with degrees in business, engineering, law, and sociology. Industrial Design graduates also join the group if they are looking to deepen their knowledge and creative outlook. We select a diverse international pool of students and encourage them to exploit their previous professional pursuits in this new context.

Is this program offered part time?

This program is a somewhat intensive degree that is completed in three academic years. The degree requires 60 very prescribed credits. Students are advised on options within the curriculum once enrolled. Courses run during the day, some evenings, and some weekends. No summer coursework is required but there are summer course options for interested students.

Are any of the courses offered online?

Although there are many digital and computer-based components to this degree, all courses are taught in a classroom or studio environment. All courses are taught at Pratt’s Brooklyn campus.


Pratt M.I.D. students can choose the exciting option to spend their entire second year abroad for full credit through the Global Innovation Design program (GID). Pratt students who participate in GID start in the fall semester of their second year at the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College in London and then spend their spring semester at Keio University in Tokyo. 

The curriculum at RCA in London focuses on engineering, experience, and invention. At Keio in Tokyo, students learn about media design and technology, utilizing the school’s advanced facilities, including prototyping and robotics. Pratt GID students return to New York to complete their final two semesters of thesis work and other required courses. The GID program capitalizes on each school’s expertise and the distinct cultures of each of the three locations, providing students with rich academic experiences and a helping them develop a global perspective on design and entrepreneurship. 

Students are expected to indicate their interest in GID at the time of entering the M.I.D. program. In the first semester of the M.I.D. program, students acquire more information and get to meet with students who have returned from GID to determine whether they’re most interested in spending their second year at Pratt or in opting for GID.

Can I work while being enrolled in this program?

While we strongly encourage students to focus on the M.I.D. program exclusively, especially in the first year, many students have internships or work in part time jobs after their first year in the program. Internships are encouraged during the summers especially. The department tries to share exciting opportunities when possible. Although we do not encourage students to work in their first year, some students are able to maintain jobs on a part-time basis (with very limited hours). In addition, graduate assistantship positions are available through the department, the School of Design, and elsewhere on campus. These types of opportunities require students to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year, but students are sometimes able to work more hours during the summer.

How many students join this program each year?

We have between 25 and 30 students in the program each year.

What is the average age of students in the program?

Our students are between 24 and 27 years old when they start the program. We always have a few younger students who have only recently completed their undergraduate studies and a few older students who have a bit more work experience.

Can I come to the department to sit in on a class and visit the facilities?

We welcome student visitors. If you’re interested in scheduling a visit, please plan ahead. Students are welcome to meet with program staff, see the department facilities, and, if available, chat with a current graduate student. To schedule a visit, email or Due to scheduling restrictions, we can only meet with students on weekdays, Monday through Fridays, from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Depending on when you plan your visit, we will try to coordinate with faculty members so that you can sit in on a class.

Are scholarships and financial aid available?

The department offers few and somewhat limited scholarships to incoming students. These departmental admissions awards are renewable each year that the student awardee is in the program and maintains a strong GPA. Very few students are given these awards when admitted to the program, but there are other scholarships and grants that the Financial Aid Office can give provide information on. There are often opportunities to earn scholarships or awards after your first year in the three-year program, as well.

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact Ms. Matte Nyberg, Assistant Chair. Matte can be reached by phone at 718.399.4225 or by email at

Where do I go to apply?

Apply here.