Material Purchases

Materials can be purchased with your PrattCard through the Wood Shop. This payment method is also used in the computer labs for printing and in the Form and Tech Lab for 3-D printing.

The PrattCard allows you to add money with a credit or debit card online. There is also a machine in the Bursar's office that accepts cash.

Studios and Lockers

Studio Spaces

Studio space is provided by the Pratt Industrial Design Department to all eligible students. Undergraduate and Graduate students must read through and make reference to a studio guideline document to ensure they understand studio rules and policies. Students who violate the rules and and break policies will have their studio and/or locker access removed. Please review the terms and conditions of the Undergraduate Studio Guidelines for eligibility, rules, and regulations. The Studio Guidelines can be downloaded below.


Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are located throughout the School of Design (Design Center) buildings and may be used during the academic year (late August to mid-May) only. Individual students may use up to one (1) locker per academic year, but must provide their own locks. During the announced clean up/move out dates, students MUST empty their lockers and retain their locks. Locks left on lockers after mid-May will be clipped and the contents of the lockers will be removed and discarded. If a student is found to be using more than one locker, the locks will be clipped and items will be removed from each locker.

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