Graduate Industrial Design

Mission Statement

In 21st century, as the field of Industrial Design goes through momentous changes, the Industrial Design department is set to prepare students to become active participants in shaping future society and culture. Whether working with industry or acting as entrepreneurs, students will be able to create products, systems, and environments which help to innovate and improve people’s quality of life. 

MID Awards

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students demonstrate professional competence in formulating design problems and translating their ideas into 2-D and 3-D design solutions.

  2. Students can apply the steps of the design process and use appropriate digital/analog tools.

  3.  Students approach the needs of clients and end-users with an ethical/humanistic perspective.

  4.  Students use intellectual critical methods of design inquiry and research.

  5.  Students express a personal design viewpoint in their writing, projects, and visual presentations.

  6.   Students can collaborate within interdisciplinary design teams.

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