Master of Science in Communications Design


Program Mission Statement

The M.S. programs educate students from diverse cultural, professional, and educational backgrounds in creative discipline, technical skills, collaborative abilities, academic knowledge, and managerial competence. While focusing on creative problem solving, the curriculum is pragmatic and industry-oriented. The comprehensive thesis demonstrates professional competence and includes extensive research, project formulation and production, and process documentation. Graduates of these programs enter the professional world with an outstanding body of work, prepared to become innovative leaders in the fields of graphic, package, and digital design.

A minimum of 48 credits, which can be completed within two to three years of study, is required for the M.S. Communications Design degree program. Students accepted into M.S. Communications Design typically hold undergraduate degrees in graphic design or related design fields such as industrial or interior design, architecture, fine arts, or media arts. We welcome applicants from non-design fields as well, such as business, liberal arts, and the sciences. A qualifying program of up to an additional six credits of prerequisite classes may be required for applicants whose undergraduate backgrounds do not meet all entrance standards but whose applications indicate a strong aptitude for graduate study. For students with substantial graphic design experience, the program will engage their creativity and challenge them with courses ranging from digital design to visual communications to marketing. A portfolio review is required for admission. Classes are offered both day and evening, and part-time attendance is optional.

Learning Outcomes

  • Advanced professional competence, demonstrating depth of knowledge and achievement, in a well-developed, defendable and significant body of work 
  • Advanced capabilities with technologies, demonstrated in the creation, dissemination, presentation, documentation, and preservation of work
  • The ability to think and plan independently
  • An awareness of current issues and developments in communications design and the basic desire, ability and potential to contribute to the expansion of the field
M.S. In Communications Design (not open to incoming students for Fall 2015)