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Construction Management Program
04.0902 Architectural & Building Science Technology

Like business management, Construction Management is the planning, coordinating, and building of a project from conception to completion. The Construction Manager's raw materials are often a vacant piece of land, a set of construction drawings in digital or hand copy, and a project manual. The Construction Manager is charged with the task of assembling a virtual factory for construction; contending with numerous local, state, and federal regulations; and coordinating skilled and unskilled craftspeople, unions, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, planners, consultants, and the owner/developer.

The day-to-day challenges of construction management make for some of the most demanding assignments in the world, whether a manager is overseeing the construction of a towering skyscraper or a low-rise condo. Construction management is a collaborative effort. The primary relationships among stakeholders can be represented by a triangle, with the owner at one point, the architect/engineer at another and the construction manager at the third. Given the growing complexity of design and construction, whether urban, suburban, or rural, there are no major projects that are built without this crucial team in place.

Pratt has the distinction of being one of the first, and one of the few, schools in the nation to offer this degree program. The faculty consists of leading NYC professionals that have overseen projects such as the World Financial Center and the Croton Reservoir, with expertise in site safety and sustainable development. Our faculty are leaders in construction management managing major national and international multimillion-dollar projects. NYC construction projects are routinely visited by Pratt students so that they experience these “jobsite” as classroom labs.

Students can apply for matriculation (acceptance into the degree granting program) upon admission, or they can be admitted with special, non-matriculating status. Options include the Bachelor of Professional Studies, the Bachelor of Science, or the Associate in Applied Science. The three programs are described on the following page with links to their curricula: Program Structure.

Flexible Class Schedules

The flexible schedule allows students to register for day or evening classes in the major. Additionally, students can choose to take their Liberal Arts courses at either the Brooklyn Campus during the day or at Pratt Manhattan Center in the evenings.

We are very fortunate to have professors who are leaders in the construction industry teaching our courses. In addition, informal student mentoring has led to industry partnerships for the program and to many internship and employment opportunities for the students upon graduation.

Informal Open House

Prospective students of the Pratt Institute Construction Management Program are always welcome to schedule a site visit with the department where they will have an opportunity to meet with the Chair. Contact or call 212.647.7524.

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