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Department of Public Safety

There has been a recent uptick in scammers targeting International Students. 

Guide To Scams Targeting College Students
Telephone Scam Information


Many resources have been developed by other government and academic institutions to inform the public on what they should do to improve their chances of survival during and Active Shooter situation. Here are a few:

Video: “Run, Hide, Fight,” developed by California State University. The video was produced at the end of 2017 with input from campus police chiefs at CSU.

Booklet: “Active Shooter: How to Respond,” produced by the Department of Homeland Security.

Video: “RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT,” a grant-funded project of the Regional Catastrophic Planning Initiative from the Department of Homeland Security that includes instructions for the workplace. It was produced by the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security.

The Pratt Institute Department of Public Safety provides 24-hour-a-day protection to the campus. Public Safety Officers are charged with the enforcement of Pratt Institute rules and regulations. They are staff employees and are responsible for a full range of services, including preparation of crime and condition reports, response to emergencies, conducting fire drills, and any other situation requiring security assistance.

Public Safety Officers are not Police Officers. They have the same arrest powers as any other private citizen. They use a portable two way radio communication system that keeps them in touch with a main control center. The Main Control Center has instant communications with all city emergency departments. The Department of Public Safety is proud of maintaining an excellent working relationship with all the local police and emergency service units. These specialized groups will respond to all emergencies on campus. Every Pratt Public Safety Officer is certified by the State of New York. This certification requires that they submit to an exhaustive background investigation as well as participating in a continuing rigorous in-service training program.


Pratt Institute’s emergency notification system provides time-critical information to the Pratt community of students, faculty, and staff when a situation arises that disrupts normal operations or has the potential to place the Institute at risk. Pratt’s Department of Public Safety works directly with the local police at the 88th Precinct in Brooklyn and the 6th Precinct in Manhattan to receive important information in the event of a crisis or emergency. 

When information needs to be communicated to the Pratt community, the goal is to quickly, clearly, and widely broadcast critical news through Pratt’s Alert system, a notification system that sends emails or text messages to cell phones (or both); alerts posted on the homepage of Pratt’s website; and dedicated internal mass emails, when appropriate. Updates and status messages will be sent via the Alert system as well as posted on the homepage of to indicate, for example, class cancellations, office closings, etc. 

All members of the Pratt community are automatically enrolled into the Pratt Alert System with an option to opt out. However, we hope that you remain enrolled so that you may receive critical emergency information. As with all emergency planning, our notification systems are regularly tested and upgraded.