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Emergency Response Guide

Emergency Response Guide

Knowing what to do in an emergency or crisis can mean the difference between calm or confusion, success or failure, and even life or death.

The following emergency plans will help you identify potential threats, plan ahead of an emergency, and respond appropriately.

Know what to do if any of these events occur:

Pratt Emergency Alert Text and Email Messaging

Signing up for the Pratt Emergency Alert System is the critical first step to ensure you get vital information about any building or campus emergencies, campus closings, and weather emergencies.

Sign up is as quick and easy:

  • Log in to
  • Click Safety & Wellness in the top navigation
  • Update your preferences, emergency contacts, and your alternate email and phone under the Pratt Alert Profile section.

You may return anytime to update your contact information. The Pratt Alerts system will be used for emergencies and school closings only. Your information will not be used or shared for any other purposes.