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The Pratt BFA Writing Program is the home for undergraduate creative writers at Pratt. Our students specialize in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction while also exploring a vibrant range of other contemporary forms, including playwriting, screenwriting, graphic novel, fabric books, children’s book writing, young adult writing, podcasting, and experimental genres. The faculty is comprised of distinguished writers and inspiring teachers, including nine full-time professors and 20 part-time professors. The Writing BFA takes full advantage of its location in Brooklyn, offering a wide array of unique internships and close connections with visiting writers.

Students joining the program enter a newly-designed curriculum built around the creation of a multi-dimensional portfolio of creative writing. At the heart of our program are the Writer’s Studios, designed to advance the development of each student’s original voice and creative vision. Students progress from playful experimentation and close study of elements of style to the expert practice of advanced narrative and poetic forms and genres, culminating in the creation of a polished book-length work of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or experimental form. The studios are enhanced by studies in the liberal arts and sciences and engagements with other art and design fields at Pratt, so that students can conceive innovative personal transformations of their critical and creative practices. Students also pursue the “writing lives pathway,” a suite of courses and colloquia threaded through the program’s four years that introduces students to the literary scenes and communities of New York City, connects them to internships, and prepares them for professional and creative life after graduation.

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