The Creative Writing Minor is designed for Pratt students who seek to deepen their commitment to the composition of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. The core of the minor consists of admission into 4-credit Writing Studios (of which a student must take at least two) and 3-credit tutorial-sized Special Topics classes (WR-320s) (of which a student must take at least two) and 1-credit Writers’ Forum (WR-300) (of which a student must take at least one semester). The minimum number of credits required for the minor is 15. All students wishing to enroll in the minor must submit a writing sample to the department chair; please contact Department Chair Beth Loffreda for more information (bloffred@pratt.edu).

Note that the Minor in Creative Writing is distinguished from the HMS Literature and Writing Minor—also a minor that allows a creative writing focus—in several important ways: (1) it places students taking the minor into writing studios with Writing majors, requiring a higher level of commitment, and thus also (2) it requires submission of a portfolio of work up front. And finally, (3) if desired, the Literature and Writing Minor can be tailored to focus on literature (rather than on creative writing), and thus is open to Writing majors.

Students entering the Minor in Creative Writing will begin the studio sequence according to their individual skill levels, which will be assessed via their submitted portfolios. Thus the program will be adjusted to accommodate the students’ skill and level of expertise.

Minor Curriculum