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Mission: The Graduate Program in Writing M.F.A. is a 39-credit program consisting of several core classes and seminars taken over four semesters (two years), with the goal of producing a final manuscript, performance, or collaborative event.

Notable features of the Pratt M.F.A. in Writing include

  • The Writing Studio, a weekly collective interdisciplinary critique forum inclusive of all students, faculty, and guest faculty
  • One-on-one guided Mentorships with faculty members
  • Guided Fieldwork Residencies invite students to carry out an on-going creative residency in collaboration with an outside social, cultural, and literary institution, community, organization, archive, or activist group
  • Special Topics Seminars in literature, media studies, performance, translation, small press, and experimental writing traditions 
  • Writing Practices Seminars, research and discussion-based classes covering the history and theory of collaborative and engaged writing practices
  • A course of study stressing a writing process that takes into account the material and technological aspects of writing, the human body that produces it, and the larger social, sexual, historical, economic, racial, and cultural contexts in which and through which all imaginative writing takes place


Requirements for MFA Writing

  • Semester 1

    Complete these courses plus 2 credits or Writing Elective.

    WR-600A Mentored Studies I

    WR-602A Writing Practices I

    WR-601 The Writing Studio

  • Semester 2

    Complete these courses plus 3 credits of HMS Electives and 2 credits of Writing Elective.

    WR-600B Mentored Studies II

    WR-601 The Writing Studio

  • Semester 3

    Complete these courses plus 2 credits of Writing Electives.

    WR-601 The Writing Studio

    WR-602B Writing Practices II

    WR-603A Fieldwork Residency I

  • Semester 4


    WR-601 The Writing Studio

    WR-603B Fieldwork Residency II

    WR-604A Final Thesis/Project