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The Pratt M.F.A. in Writing is a 39-credit, two-year program that offers contemporary writers the tools and the support they need to build a practice that is responsive to our rapidly evolving environmental and political times.

Our approach to the M.F.A. curriculum favors collective critique sessions similar to the art-school studio model (where core faculty, guest artists, and peers working in multiple genres, all engage in weekly discussions and presentations of student work). Additionally, students take part in one-on-one guided mentorships, develop fieldwork projects that seek to open their writing practices to the world, and participate in seminars that offer numerous fields of intellectual and creative inquiry:  Literature, Media Studies, Performance, Experimental Practices, Activism, and Critical Theory, to name a few.

In this program, students work in a variety of mediums, lineages and forms, including fiction and poetry, performance, non-fiction, translation, cultural criticism, investigative journalism, documentary, digital media, image/text and visual practices. We encourage collaboration and the exploration of hybrid approaches to writing as a set of interactive processes that can potentially generate new and transformative social spaces.

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