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STEAM is an idea that encourages the mending of the counterproductive split between STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Math) and Art/Design. Since the STEAM acronym applied to the kinds of projects that we wanted to support, we merged it with one of Pratt Institute’s most iconic buildings, its steam plant, which is the oldest continuously-operating, privately-owned, steam-powered electrical generating plant in the country. The Mission of the STEAMplant initiative is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields and “art” as defined by the diverse disciplines pursued at Pratt. 

The STEAMplant supports its mission through two programs:

Sirovich Family Student Fellowship Program – Supports graduate and upperclass undergraduate students at Pratt doing STEAM work. 

Sirovich Family Residency Program – Supports professionals outside of the Pratt community seeking to work on a STEAM project in residency at Pratt. 

Both programs involve collaboration with at least one faculty or staff member from the Mathematics and Science Department and at least one faculty/staff member from another department at Pratt. Visit our people page to see the range of past, present, and potential collaborators.

Projects are supported by the broad array of resources that are available at the Institute, including vast knowledge and a wide range of technological capabilities, especially those that can be used to produce creative work. STEAMplant projects produce work that can be exhibited publicly and communicated to a targeted audience.

STEAMplant is generously supported by the Sirovich family.

Image: STEAMplant members, donors & supporters at "ArtSci Affair: Muons & Meters" (February 2019). L–R: Daniel Wright (STEAMplant Director), Matt Sirovich, Joe Morris (resident), Helio Takai (Interim Dean, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences), Sara Morawetz (resident), Carole Sirovich, Larry Sirovich, Frances Bronet (Pratt Institute President), and Agnes Mocsy.