Construction Management Students The Program's Structure

The Construction Management Baccalaureate program requires the completion of 121 credits. The course content includes the technical aspects of construction along with the business management, organizational leadership, and academic Liberal Arts courses needed to be a competent manager in the workplace.

The flexible class schedule allows students to complete internships and for those who wish to work part-time or full-time to complete the requirements of their academic program without disruption to their current employment. Additionally, students can choose to take their Liberal Arts courses at either the Brooklyn Campus during the day or at Pratt Manhattan Center in the evenings. Students may vary the program through their choice of electives with emphasis on sustainability, architecture, urban planning, real estate, or other construction content/context.

STEM designation for CM/FM 04.0902 Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology.

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Construction Management (B.P.S.)
Students who graduate from this program are equipped to immediately enter the work force in Construction and/or Project Management with success.

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (B.S.)
This program was developed for transfer students from students pursuing a second Baccalaureate degree. Those entering with acceptable transfer credits may complete the program in less than four years.

Associate of Applied Science in Building and Construction (A.A.S.)
Offered for students seeking a foundation in building science and for students who may not desire to complete the Baccalaureate program. The Building and Construction program requires the completion of 68 credits.


Persons interested in taking Construction Management courses for credit as a non-matriculated student may do so by applying directly to the Registrar's office. These credits are transferable.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

The Department of Construction Management offers a Second Pratt Baccalaureate Degree to persons who have successfully completed the requirements for the Pratt five year Bachelors of Architecture degree plus a Construction Management Minor. The Candidate must first be accepted by the Office of Admissions for degree matriculation into the Bachelors of Science in Construction Management Program. The Candidate must complete a minimum of 32 credits in Construction Management. This may be completed within two semesters.

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Advisement Interview

Admitted students may wish to talk with the Chairperson of Construction Management before registration for courses. An appointment should be made in advance. Contact