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Learning Resources

We develop disciplinary fluency in our program of study and we celebrate the interdisciplinary nature of design critical to address the plurality and complexity of the environments in which we operate.

Study Abroad

Immersing oneself in another culture is an incredible experience that can extend the boundaries of creativity. Study abroad programs are an integral part of the college experience, and Pratt has deep connections with university partners around the world.

Pratt Libraries

A library can be a magical place, where our students are exposed to a whole new world of resources that can help fuel any creative inquiry.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Courses, programs, and initiatives provide students opportunities to engage outside of their departments and to customize their learning through independent study and minors of their choosing.

Learning Access Center

The support and assistance needed for our students is here at the Learning/Access Center (L/AC), where staff and tools are available to support all Pratt students who are working toward academic success.

Research Opportunities

Community and social impact are key areas of research that resonate with our values and mission. We come together with our partners to develop solutions to address the pressing issues of the day.