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Learning/Access Center

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Learning/Access Center (Formerly Disability Resource Center) Admission 

The Learning/Access Center (formerly Disability Resource Center) provides comprehensive academic support services that are available to all Pratt students. The L/AC also facilitates full access for students with disabilities and veterans so that they can freely and actively participate in all facets of Pratt life. The L/AC collaborates to provide Institute-wide advisement and consultation on disability-related matters (including legal compliance and universal design) and provides individual services and tools to facilitate diverse learning styles and accommodations in a sustainable inclusive manner.

The Role of the Learning/Access Center (formerly Disability Resource Center) 

The Learning/Access Center (L/AC) has staff and tools available to support all Pratt students who are working toward academic success. To that end, at the L/AC, students can meet with staff, explore assistive technology, and take part in student success programming. All Pratt students have the opportunity to work with professional and/or peer academic coaches and tutors. Academic coaching includes time management, study skills, reading skills and brainstorming for projects. Tutoring is also available in various subjects across the Pratt curriculum. 

Additionally, the L/AC coordinates access for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities can enroll with the L/AC to determine and receive reasonable accommodations for classroom, housing, and other campus settings. The L/AC maintains confidential records of documentation of disability for all current and prospective Pratt students who identify as having disabilities, including learning disorders, ADHD, psychological/psychiatric conditions, chronic illnesses, physical/mobility conditions, blindness, low vision and hearing loss, and temporary disabilities. After meeting with the student and conducting a review of the documentation and individualized student needs, the L/AC determines and coordinates individualized academic accommodations, including but not limited to extended test time, distraction-reduced exam setting, sign language interpreting, etc. The L/AC also arranges auxiliary aids for students, such as FM Units, assistive learning software, and books in alternative formats. The L/AC assists students in connecting with helpful Institute resources, advocates for students, and collaborates with campus department administrators regarding specific student needs, including psychological support, special housing, and dietary needs. If students need help locating providers who can provide documentation for a disability, the L/AC will connect students to campus offices that can assist with referrals.

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Contact Us

Learning/Access Center
200 Willoughby Avenue
ISC Building, Room 104
Brooklyn, NY  11205

Tel:  718.802.3123
Fax: 718.687.5317


The L/AC is located on the First Floor of the ISC Building.

Office Hours

Brooklyn Campus fall and spring semester hours are Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5PM.  Additional virtual hours are available. 
Summer hours are Monday–Friday, 9 AM–4 PM.  Additional virtual hours are available.
Please contact us for Manhattan Campus office hours and location.

504 Policy

Pratt Institute has a designated 504 Coordinator. If you have a 504 complaint, please contact:
Elisabeth Sullivan

Accessibility Concerns

Accessibility concerns can be shared here:

Bias Complaints

Please visit this page for information on how to file bias complaints.