Performance and Performance Studies

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Performance Studies is a field that develops in-depth knowledge of a diverse range of performance practices that have, until recently, mostly been studied separately. These include traditional forms such as ritual and drama, hybrid forms and performance art in multiple media, and performance as a vital dimension of social practice in everyday life and work. Buttressed by this synthesizing knowledge, students gain breadth, depth, and flexibility as performers and thinkers that traditional programs can’t provide, becoming better able to take and to make opportunities for themselves in a world where performance is being practiced, thought, and taught in new ways.

The 60-credit Performance + Performance Studies (P+PS) program at Pratt offers a unique MFA program combining graduate study in performance practice with critical inquiry using performance as a lens. The P+PS MFA is a small and intensive graduate degree program for artists and thinkers seeking to maximize and individualize their graduate experience and draw on the rich performance and cultural worlds of Brooklyn and greater New York City.

Currently, no new students are being admitted to the Performance and Performance Studies MFA program. 

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