Student research Our Math and Science faculty are engaged in research across several disciplines. Research equipment in our department includes portable instrumentation for the in-situ, non-destructive analysis of works of art, namely an NMR MOUSE, an External Reflectance/ATIR FTIR, a Raman, an XRF and fiber optics UV/vis portable spectrometers. These instruments compose our "mobile laboratory" which is involved in field projects in Italy, Denmark and NYC. Our environmental sustainability researchers also utilize photon (gamma ray) and XRF spectrometers in the analysis of contaminant levels in a variety of media.

Student researchOur faculty are engaged in computer modeling, with active research into contaminant transport in drainage basins and sediments (Prof. Damon Chaky), sustainability of the built environment (Prof. Dan Wright and Prof. Richard Leigh), and modeling of group behavior as it relates to resource distribution in ecological systems (Prof. Chris Jensen).

Our faculty (Prof. Ágnes Mócsy) are also actively involved in high-energy nuclear physics researching the nature of nuclear matter (that's matter that we are all made of) when it is heated and compressed to temperatures and densities the universe had one microsecond after the Big Bang.