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Jeremy Tausch

Visiting Assistant Professor


Dr. Tausch’s research is currently focused on the continental scale effects of climate change during the initial periods of human evolution. To this end, he has published work on 2 million year old Javanese Homo erectus molars using microwear as a proxy for dietary preference. Jeremy is also interested in bringing nature education to the general public. He worked with a team of videographers to film wildlife near Gamboa, Panama and in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand. He plans to market this work as a novel nature show aimed at educating a wider audience on topics such as organismal biology, biodiversity, conservation and climate change. Jeremy also participated in the survey and excavation of Miocene (~23 to 5.3mya) and Pleistocene (~2.6mya to 12,000yrs.) fossiliferous beds in Kenya and Malawi respectively. During his last trip, he was afflicted with malaria, which was not very pleasant…

B.S., University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.